| Almondina Recipe | | Mung Bean Flour Recipe |

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as i converted the metric measurements and made the recipe, adding in raisins. wow! just like the almondina cookies! i was so thrilled. i am absolutely addicted to almondina and have been searching for a recipe to duplicate them! i can not wait to try these!!!i am sitting here now trying not to eat an entire package in

Dec 6, 2010 we currently have 1765 recipes & products reviews almondina is a four-time nasft award winner in the best cookie and outstanding classic

Trader joes favorite products, reviews, recipes and news. since 1989, almondina has been in the market with its secret family recipe that has been handed down from generation-to-generation, spreading happiness to all that try one of their addictive flavors.

A review of almondina biscuits, low-calorie, low-sugar and low-fat cookies. the nibble, great food finds, is an online gourmet food magazine with 1000+ product reviews including low calorie, low fat gourmet foods including cookies. the original almondina, that’s because most of them are born of an old family recipe,

According to “almond-dina” legend, the original biscuits of almondina are based on the 1929 secret cookie recipe “petit gateau sec” of “grandma dina”.

Choconut - a delicious, rich tasting chocolate cookie. we took the almondina cookie recipe and added some of the best chocolate in the world. the result is a delicious, chocolaty, crunchy cookie that is still low in calories. no wonder it is a bestseller. delicious.

Try award winning almondina® biscuits in these terrific recipes: asian chicken-and-noodle salad with almondina sesame biscuit topping almondina chocolate mousse tart


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Almondina® brand biscuits are unique - a gourmet cookie, health food and snack, all in one. these extraordinary gourmet treats are created from a secret family recipe which has been passed down from generation to generation.

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| Almondina Recipe | | Mung Bean Flour Recipe |

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