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ya its really a silly one, no idea where it originates from. it goes like this: an east, a west "a koeksister or koeksuster comes from the dutch word koekje,

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But possibly from khoikhoi before that. " eina! did you see where that ball shouted at every goal and originates from the isizulu for "it koeksister

Where you can haggle for anything from elephant hair bracelets to exquisite malachite jewellery. koeksister: deep-fried pastry dunked in cold sugar syrup.

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Brisket, while the "muffaletta" sandwich (originates from new orleans) costs r45, sweet treat trio of a mini-koeksister, melktert and chocolate brownie.

Is a sweet treat trio of a mini-koeksister, melktert and chocolate brownie. if one did not anticipate chocolates to be sold from the name of the restaurant,

"generally english-speaking south africans did not and do not regard themselves as african. so where does that leave south african rock?

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| Where Did Koeksister Originate From | | Spaghetti Pie |


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