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Anybody share some homemade deer attractants, that won't break the pockets or what you use poor boys deer cocaine 2 lbs. powder confection sugar. 2 lbs. table salt. 1 cup baking soda.

What type "homemade recipes" do you guys have for mineral licks? creating a homemade vitamin/mineral mix using various commercial items like deer cocaine

If you do a search or another post you will find homemade recipes deer cane. it can be made at a fraction of the cost. [/ quote ] if anyone find the post, can you put up a link.

  • Best answer: okay - here's a deer lick brew that i use and it has worked great. i put several of these out - some near the feeder, others on paths that lead to the feeder or
  • Deer. 2009 big doe contest; 2009 big buck contest; past buck & doe contests. 2007 big buck doe contest. 07 bucks; 07 does; 2008 big buck / doe contest. 2008 bucks
  • Best answer: you can buy the expensive stuff they sell in stores like walmart such as deer cocaine if its available in your country. if you dont want to do that the best thing

  • Just got my ingredients for my homemade mineral lick. just like recent years past, i i have using mineral sites for 20 years now when deer cocaine came out, and trust me i tried
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| Homemade Deer Cocaine | | Food For The Gods Recipe Filipino |