Get Involved

Why Sponsor Laura

Like most Olympic-caliber athletes, equestrian athletes require lots of behind-the scenes
support--especially in acquiring, developing, and competing horses for the international
levels. The people who are able to support an athlete like Laura reap their rewards.

The costs involved in eventing are substantial. The annual costs
for campaigning a competition horse range from $10,000 for
a training-level horse to $50,000 for an advanced horse.
Every competitor has to meet many expenses before ever
arriving at an event—especially continuing rider education,
coaching, transportation, and entry fees.

The benefits of sponsoring Laura VanderVliet’s eventing career
are many. By supporting Laura, you will be sponsoring more
than a successful rider. You’ll be sponsoring a trainer, instructor,
and valued horsewoman. You’ll be contributing to the
sport of eventing.

American Horse Trial Foundation

If you would like to help further Laura’s competition career, there is an attractive,
tax-deductible opportunity to do this through the American Horse Trials Foundation.
The foundation is a non-profit corporation established to assist Three Day Event Riders
and Organizers in raising tax-deductible financial support for national and
international competition.

Laura can fill you in on how to work with the foundation.

Ways to Become Involved

Corporate Sponsorship

For a predetermined annual fee, Laura will represent your product or company. Competition
horses can wear saddle pads while competing, and Laura can wear your company’s logo wear
not only at shows, but also while teaching. Furthermore, when appropriate, Laura and her
horses can use your products and become ambassadors for your company. Laura is also
always open to new ideas, so don't hesitate to pitch something unique her way.

Personal Sponsorship

Are you looking to become involved, but don't know where to start? Consider sponsoring a
horse for a month or year. For $2,500 you can sponsor Laura at a major International event.
Or for $500 you can sponsor one of Laura’s horses for a particular local competition. Or for
$100 you can sponsor a lesson with one of Laura’s valued instructors. Horse sponsors who are
not able to attend a particular event will receive full reports on that competition or lesson,
complete with photos, video and more! Donations can be made through the American Horse
Trials Foundation, via PayPal, or directly to Laura at Laura VanderVliet Eventing, 650 Williamsburg St NE, Aiken, SC, 29801.

650 Williamsburg St NE, Aiken, SC, 29801 | 717.682.8042 | ljvv2000@yahoo.com