I have made a few of tyler's recipes in the past with great sucess, and had many different versions of lobster bisque in the past, so i gave this a shot. bottom line: if you're going to indulge in lobster one night, do not use this recipe as it results in a pretty flavorless, soupy final product. i'd suggest ina's

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When you watch the barefoot contessa on the food network, she thinks your fishmonger should have fresh, cooked, de-shelled lobster meat available for purchase.  i’m not sure that mine does, but i’ll put him to the test tomorrow.  if he doesn’t i’ll come up with something to add to our remaining bisque.
Stir in the tomato paste and cook for 1 minute more before adding the lobster shells and brandy. carefully flambé the brandy. strain the bisque, reserving only the liquid, return to a simmer, add the cream and season with sea salt and white pepper to taste. barefoot contessa: back to basics

7 cups lobster stock (recipe follows) nova scotia lobster bisque barefoot contessa: back to basics
This is your mini-cookbook for lobster bisque recipe. you may also be interested in these other popular lobster recipes: barefoot contessa recipes lobster pot pie best lobster bisque recipe

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And in some other's recipe of bisque i have read until, there was incorporation of sherry wine or brandy into the lobster stock much earlier than finish ( at the very end) you mentioned. i saw barefoot contessa this week make shrimp bisque using a very similar method. looked good to me.

This week cooked lobsters were on sale for about $3 at my superstore. i bought one and wondered, can you make lobster bisque with one lobster? turns out you can! this recipe was inspired by bob blumer's nova scotia lobster bisque recipe but i changed it a lot. recipe review: barefoot contessa's carrot salad

Food network invites you to try this maryland blue crab cup recipe from all-american festivals. creole shrimp and lobster bisque. corn and lobster bisque. more recipes food network invites you to try this crab strudel recipe from barefoot contessa.

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