Vinegar douche baking soda douche boric acid douche

  • Is there a recipe for vinegar douche - posted in women's health - our well-being is there a recipe for vinegar douche posted 10:21am (est) on 2008-02-04 in our well-being by anonymous
  • I keep having yeast infections (among other things )and was wondering if anyone know of a natural douche i could use .i heard that yogurt douche is effective. creams i used help but they kep coming back .also i get chronic bladder problem due to stress .could it be realated???
It is used only in a soak solution and is washed off thoroughly before completing the recipe. it is also used to harden gelatin. alum's medical uses are as an astringent, a styptic and an emetic.

Sixty uses of vinega 45. pie crust: add 1 tablespoon vinegar to your pastry recipe for an exceptional crust. recipe box:

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  • The most significant part about a vaginal douche is not the recipe used for it, but how to administer it, the best recipe to use for the purpose of a homemade douche is a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide this entry was posted in home remedies and tagged douche solution, homemade douche, homemade douche recipe,

  • Depending on your need, there is a natural douche recipe to solve all your problems. apple cider vinegar douche recipes * (yeast infections); morning: mix two teaspoons organic apple cider vinegar with two cups of room temperature water.
  • Vaginal douche advice how to make a vaginal douche ; (27 dec 2007) some douche recipes for yeast infections and vaginitis are: ; vinegar douche;
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Find out a delicious recipe for how to make the peppermint milk body douche cocktail drink with detailed ingredients and mixing information. you can also print out this unique recipe in an easy to read format. random recipe

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