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Good Housekeeping Cookbook Wartime 1943

Librarything catalogs your books online, easily, quickly and for free. i've recently gotten my hands on the good housekeeping cookbook from 1943. one of the problems with wartime cookbooks is that they are printed on such poor, war grade, paper that they literally disintegrate. :(

Of the advertisements that were in the publication, a large proportion were propaganda and information from the government ministries, in particular the f.m.xxvii a full-page advertisement issued by the f.m. in a 1943 issue of good housekeeping, promoted vegetables in its bright spots for wartime meals pamphlet,

Good housekeeping magazine printed a special section for rationed foods in its 1943 cookbook. numerous national publications also featured articles explaining what rationing meant to america. then there were the food manufacturers who took advantage of the wartime shortages to flaunt their patriotism to their profit.

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Good Housekeeping Cookbook Wartime 1943

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