| Boric Acid Cockroach Recipe India | | Epsom Salts Fungi |

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as sep 21, 2010 when i was first introduced to boric acid as a roach controller, this page has recipes for home made versions of tim-bor and bora-

2 tbs boric acid (borax); peanut butter or bacon grease how to get rid of cockroaches – roach ball recipe can you give me the amount of peanut butter or bacon grease to mix with the 2 tbs of borax?;

Boric acid has been used for a long time in the war against roaches. unlike insecticides, boric acid is odorless and very little toxic to people and house pets. as long as it reminds dry it but it gets even better. you can use boric acid with a roach bait to increase its effectiveness. and that is today’s recipe.

We are sick of these dang cockroaches. neighbors we used a mixture of equal parts boric acid, corn meal and sugar. put it in a bunch of 2 liter soft drink lids and put them all over the house. probably around 30 or so. in about a month we had no more roaches. that was over ten years ago.

Boric acid for cockroaches. boric acid kill ants, boric acid and pets, after, when india became to judge phillip and beth affecting their capo, she said beth . ant killer boric acid recipe. boric acid toxicity. reactor boric acid

The best defense against cockroaches is a clean kitchen and bathroom. boric acid is toxic by mouth - keep away from children and pets. neem oil is a natural vegetable oil extracted from the neem tree in india. you can make your own flypaper with this simple recipe: mix 1/4 cup syrup, 1 tbsp. granulated

How to make boric acid from borax boric acid can be used as a pump-up sprayer to kill fleas by drying them out. use boric acid as a safe and natural solution for fleas with help from a pest control operator in this free video on flea control and extermination.

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| Boric Acid Cockroach Recipe India | | Epsom Salts Fungi |

Preetha; student - chennai, tamil nadu, india thanks for all of the info on boric acid. my mom used the eye wash on me and everyone who needed treatment for eye disorders. the treatment was always successful. she died a few years ago and i could not find her recipe.

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Borax powder is used as a sprinkle around the house, but it could be harmful to free roamers. i found an alternate recipe for ant powder: i have found that grease-eating ants (carpenter ants) like a mixture of bacon grease, flour and boric acid. i place it in a small glass jar with holes in the lid (this keeps kids and