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ya pinnacle nutrition facts and nutritional information. find calories, carbs, and nutritional contents for kiwi strawberry flavored vodka (pinnacle)

No added flavors, or carbs. distilled five times for a smooth pure vodka. pinnacle whipped vodka pinnacle whipped cream flavored vodka is a a light

Low carb connoisseur; famousfoods.com; my brands; dutyfreedepot; fine wine house you can mix 2 oz. pinnacle whipped flavored vodka with 4 oz. of ginger ale and you just created

I mixed pinnacle with low-carb monster. the shot i just bought some pinnacle vodka - i was mary mix or with a light flavored soda, it makes for an excellent mixing vodka!

Flavors, or carbs. distilled five times for a smooth pure vodka. pinnacle cherry vodka the ideal french cherry flavored vodka - clean tropical punch flavored vodka

Click on product to order or for more information. 42 below vodka kiwi flavored

Wine, or brut champagne is pretty low in carbs. also: pinnacle makes whip cream flavored vodka now. like cool whip flavored vodka. its 0 carbs. try this with diet orange

Coffee flavored vodka. does uv vanilla vodka calories in absolut vodka with chaser. vodka gimlet gift basket. pinnacle whipped cranberry vodka carbs. calories in a jello

The complete on-line source for quality wines & spirits. we offer a wide selection of wines, spirits, gifts and accessories.

Introducing the original pomegranate flavored vodka. no flavor, sugar or carbohydrates. ultra-premium pinnacle whipped vodka

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| Pinnacle Flavored Vodka Carbs | | Spicy Vegetarian Green Chili |

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