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| Douching With Alum How Long Does It Last | | Vietnamese Dish Banh Bot Loc |

How much of the alum would you use to tighten the vaginal wall and how often and how long does it last.

Douching has become more common over the years for colon does the streemmaster™ work with any shower? the how long is the hose? the douche hose is 72” (6’0 feet

Last edit by id1280982436. question what does it mean when you have a long uterus; how should a clitoris be what does douching with alum do? douching to get tighter?

When you douche with alum how long does your vagina stay there's no way to judge how long it will last nor a way i do after douching with too much alum??

Women's health question: how do use alum when douching and how much? 6 parts how long does an unopened bottle of vodka last?

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| Douching With Alum How Long Does It Last | | Vietnamese Dish Banh Bot Loc |

  • Alum is used as an ingredient in baking powder and is used to give crispness to pickles and maraschino cherries and to harden gelatin. alum can be a dangerous substance when not
  • No. douching does not prevent pregnancy. it should never be used for birth control. content last updated may 18, 2010.
  • I have done kegals, for as long as i can remember. douching at all is not healthy, as it changes vaginal ph and i don't know the specific toxicity of alum added to a

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