Laura VanderVliet and Nilson MorLaura VanderVliet Eventing Returns to Aiken, South Carolina
in Partnership with Nilson Moreira da Silva.

Laura VanderVliet Eventing has returned to Aiken, South Carolina with Nilson Moreira da Silva to offer training for the horse and rider at all levels of instruction. Read the Press Release

Learn more about Nilson.


Three Days Three Ways

For Some Great Reading and Good Tips, Check Out
Three Days, Three Ways: The heart of Three Day Eventing

This is a great blog site where event rider Courtney Young posts of her travels,
experiences and interviews with the eventing scene. One of her recent posts
includes a two part interview with Laura!


Southern Pines Wrap Up by Owner Kathleen Overbaugh

Laura has been working with Mighty Mangaroo since late summer so they are beginning to form a real partnership. I think this competition at Southern Pines proved to Laura (and to those of us who watched) that this is a horse for the future – a horse that she can compete and win with. Roo is a fabulous mover so his flat work looks easy. Don’t get me wrong, Laura has worked hard with Missy Ransehousen, Phillip Dutton, even Scott Haussler, on the dressage, and it is paying off. The horse is really laid back most of the time, which means there’s no drama when he’s working. But it also means she had to learn to push this horse, after years of working with horses that have to be kept calm and quiet, so it’s taken her a while to get the feel of keeping him going forward.

Cross country, Roo is very businesslike. He has a lot of scope, so the intermediate fences are easy enough for him. There’s still a lot out there that he hasn’t seen, but we are not in a hurry to push him up to advanced until he’s really ready. Laura tells me he’s a bit “looky” on course, including in the stadium round, but once he focuses on the jump, he just does his job. As they approached the finish line, he shied away from a patch of footing repair on course, and got a bit too close to a southern pine tree!

The event was a real event for us owners. The Professional Riders Organization is a PROnew organization whose goal is to promote the sport of eventing, and a big part of the focus is to keep the owners happy. Now, at last, the owners can come in under the tent with the sponsors during the cross country and stadium phases. Lunch is provided, along with water and coffee, and even wine and beer. It was special for me – I don’t just join groups of people I don’t know, and am happy to be off by myself. At first I thought this will never work. The ladies in the sponsor tent are dressed to the nines, with makeup, earrings and hats – I leave my bling at home, and spend the days in my barn clothes (I might occasionally pick a stall or walk a horse- can’t do that in heels!). My only decoration is my owner’s bracelet that comes in the entry packet, and usually that doesn’t match my barn outfit. But I think it’ll all work out and we will begin to make friends in both groups. Surely the events wouldn’t happen without the owners or the sponsors. Maybe next time, I’ll bring some dressier clothes for show jumping day.

I look forward when we syndicate owners can party down through the entire weekend!

Off to a Good Start!

Roo 1st Place
Mighty Mangaroo and Laura are off to a good start this spring with a first place
finish in the Open Intermediate combined test at Sporting Days Farm Feb. 6, 2010.“Roo’’ stepped into first place with a dressage score of 27.5 and held the lead with one of the few clear show jumping rounds.

With many thanks to Kathleen Overbaugh, the syndication has fully purchased Mighty Mangaroo and now has full ownership. Other owners include Douglas Land and
Annie Ward from Trumansburg, NY, Laura VanderVliet and her parents
Roger and Jean VanderVliet.

We are very excited to have this fantastic horse and would like to continue the
invitation to others to join in this opportunity. There are several shares still
available and in order to cover expenses and compete at the advanced level we
need to sell these shares. We have organized a very affordable syndication
agreement that can get you involved in the highest levels of eventing and
international competition with a horse with potential to be very successful.

Congrats are in Order!

Congratulations to Anecia Delduco on the sale of her fantastic three year old "Bacardi" and best wishes to Sandy Issler and Bacardi in their new partnership.

I have really enjoyed working with Anecia and the opportunity to bring along such a nice young horse. It is always fun to see the young horses go to such great homes. Good Luck Sandy! Keep us posted on his progress.

Bacardi and Sandy Issler

Sandy Issler and Baccardi

Congratulations to Kathleen Overbaugh and a successful fall season with her
horses Quick Jack and King Billy. Watch for both these horses at the
intermediate and advanced levels this spring.

Quick Jack at Maryland Horse Trials

Quick Jack at Maryland Horse Trials 2009

King Billy at Fair Hill International

King Billy at Fair Hill International 2009

Congratulations to Julie Lake of Hamilton, MA on her purchase of
Marshal Cody. We will miss having Marshal in the barn but certainly wish
Julie the best with him. Happy Hunting!

Congratulations to Douglas Land and Annie Ward for joining us as partners with
Mighty Mangaroo. We are looking forward to an exciting spring season and hope
everyone will be able to join us. Watch for the 2010 competition calendar to be posted soon.

Exciting and Fantastic Opportunity

Congratulations to Kathleen Overbaugh, Roger and Jean VanderVliet and Laura on the purchase of Mighty Mangaroo. Thank you to Phillip Dutton, Annie Jones and
Buck Davidson for helping to make this opportunity available.

Eventing is a special and unique sport. It is a sport that requires far more than
individual effort and allows many to participate even if not riding. This could
be your opportunity to join in the fun and excitement at the highest levels of the sport. We hope to make this partnership a venture for all to enjoy.

Please check out the syndication information and see what we are offering
and how you can get involved!

We are looking forward to having you joining us on this exciting adventure!

Mighty Mangaroo

© Photo by GRC Photography

Congratulations to Christine Gardiner and Boomer!

On his recent win in the 5 year old YEH division at Jersey Fresh in May. Boomer’s
win also qualifies him for the YEH Championships at Fair Hill International this
October! Watch for this talented youngster now competing training level this summer.Boomer RibbonBoomer at Fair Hill

Competition Photo Gallery

Check out Laura’s Competition Horses Gallery. It’s now live and has some
amazing photos of Laura and her mounts. Enjoy!

Read Laura's Article in Eventing U.S.A 2.0,( Online Magazine)

Laura gives expert advice in the article, “5 Things Your Young Horse Should
Know Before His First Event.’’
Click on the picture below to go to the online
article which starts on page 18.

5 Things 15 Things 2

Pictured above far left is Laura riding Warrie Hill Photo by John Walker. Inset photos
are Laura riding Latatiana CBF. She is a four year old mare bred by Laurie Cameron
and Clear Blue Farm.

Announcing PRO: Professional Riders Organization

After a year of behind-the-scenes work, the Professional Riders Organization
announced their formation earlier this year. As a Founder, Laura has put in a lot
of time and effort into creating this organization that will represent the interests of
career riders competing at the highest levels of the sport of eventing. Along with
Laura, PRO was formed by fellow eventers Craig Thompson, Phillip Dutton,
Allison Springer and Buck Davidson.

PRO is not just for the career rider, for spectators who simply love the sport,
PRO membership offers many benefits to enhance your participation, including
premier clinics with the world’s most celebrated riders and discounts on tickets to
upcoming events.

Pro Logo

To learn more please visit

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