Left: Kathleen Overbaugh and Laura with Warrie Hill “Bentley” owned in partnership with Douglas Land (shown in bottom photo with her
horse Issac).


























Long-term client relationships are the heart of Laura’s business: “I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to make a living doing what I love to do on a daily basis. I enjoy training and competing the horses, and I strive to recreate this enjoyment and satisfaction for my owners. And because I value clients who take a longer view of training and eventing, I am often able to make special arrangements to accommodate their needs.”

Each owner comes to Laura with a different goal. Some are breeders who want to develop and sell a youngster they have bred. Some clients want to find, purchase and develop a competition or investment prospect. Others enjoy owning or sharing ownership of an upper-level or international prospect. If you can be specific about your objectives as an owner, Laura will work with you to evaluate the horse and achieve a realistic goal.


Syndication is a satisfying way to participate in the competitive life of an event horse—to enjoy the privileges of ownership, yet not carry all the expenses. Syndication has long been a common practice in the Thoroughbred racing world—Funny Cide was a great example of a wildly successful and rewarding venture among a group of friends. Now in the event world, the majority of successful horse and rider combinations at the upper levels are owned through syndication.

Because Laura wants to maintain her competitiveness at the upper levels of eventing, she has begun to form ownership syndicates with the goal of acquiring international-level horses, she keeps her eye on the market and will enter into more of these shared ownership arrangements.

Syndication can offer a wide variety of arrangements for riders, horses, and owners, as well as individual flexibility. One meaningful component for share owners is that the sport of eventing has a distinct tax advantages. The IRS tax code has specific provisions regarding tax-deductible contributions for the support of international competition,and the American Horse Trial Foundation offers convenient avenues for this.

Laura tries to keep the rules of the syndicate flexible and simple. There will be a written agreement between the owners that will include buy-out options and contingencies for unforeseen circumstances. If you are interested in investing in a talented horse, contact Laura for more information and a complete copy of the agreement:
Ljvv2000@yahoo.com or 717-682-8042.


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