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Black mottled, only developed by george ellis in 1940 in delaware while experimenting with crossing breeds for broilers. an off-colored sport of a barred rock / new hampshire cross that bred true.

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They lay the white eggs u see at the super market or a plymouth rock - they are also very friendly like the australorp, they lay lots of brown eggs and they don't take up much room or a hybrid - they can be friendly, flighty, and lay a few more eggs brown then the barred rock and australorp, and you can tell the sex

Our black sex links are a breed cross using a rhode island red rooster or black australorp rooster and barred rock females. the male chicks have a white spot on the top of their heads and can be separated from the solid black female chicks when they hatch.

* cornish cross broilers; * white leghorn; * california white; * barred rock; * production red; * gold star; * silver laced wyandotte; * buff orpington; * americana; * black sex link; * assorted heavy;

Coolville 45723 free: young roosters 2 dark cornish roosters, 1 brahma cross rooster very big, 2 black cochin cross roosters lots of leg feathering, black rock 72415 i have a few hens (different breeds) to rehome. dark cornish, barred rock, americauna, black australorp, dominique, hamburg, white faced black

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| Barred Rock Black Australorp Cross | | Razzleberry Pie Recipe |

  • Four breeds of chicks, barred plymouth rock, black minorca, black australorp and a new hampshire x barred plymouth rock cross developed an achromatosis of the feathers when fed a lysine-deficient diet. cockerels were more severely affected than pullets.