| Mrs Wilkes Fried Chicken Recipe | | Cheesy Potatoes For 100 People |

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as mrs. wilkes' boardinghouse cookbook rate this recipe one diner's instructions on how to find mrs. wilkes': "walk along west jones street until you smell fried chicken."

Source information; mrs. wilkes' boardinghouse cookbook; ten speed press one diner's instructions on how to find mrs. wilkes': "walk along west jones street until you smell fried chicken."

Tabletops are crowded with platters of fried chicken and cornbread dressing, sweet potato souffle, black-eyed peas, okra gumbo, corn muffins and biscuits. the menu changes daily so regulars can have something different every day.

The former boarding house serves just two meals a day - breakfast and lunch - and if you don't mind waiting for a seat at one of the family-style tables, you can try some of mrs. wilkes' famous fried chicken. note: this recipe can be used for pork chops, too. macaroni and cheese; ingredients:; 2 cups elbow macaroni;

This simple and delicious chicken will knock your socks off. it's so easy and so packed with flavor, it's amazing. the tangy buttermilk gravy is the star here and you will find you and your family (or guests) licking your plates clean. (recipe courtesy of the cookbook - mrs. recipes mrs wilkes baked buttermilk chicken top

  • Mrs. wilkes fried chicken; 2 1/2 lb. fryer, cut up and sprinkled with salt and pepper; 2 t evaporated deep fry in wesson oil at 300 or pan fry on medium(making sure oil is hot before putting chicken in). make sure chicken is covered with oil at all times. fry until golden brown. (same recipe may be used for pork chops).
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  • But it's not clear how some of these dishes would fare outside of mrs. wilkes's delightful environs; the fried chicken recipe lists the needed ingredients: flour, evaporated milk, salt and pepper, but obviously, it is the context southern hospitality, fresh ingredients and an experienced kitchen staff that make it special.

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| Mrs Wilkes Fried Chicken Recipe | | Cheesy Potatoes For 100 People |

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