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bi books about new hampshire : peter christian's recipes edes, shirley & julia philipson (thompson & rutter, 1983) this collection of recipes from the peter christian taverns in

All about peter christians recipes by shirley edes. librarything is a cataloging and social it's in new london, nh - and they make this great mustard sauce that they sell by

Original mustard sauce and any intellectual property, including the name "peter christian's tavern." they also likely get the recipe for the locally famous honey mustard, which

The honey mustard recipe can be used to make sauces. these are very delicious and gitundu, peter "honey mustard recipe." honey mustard recipe ezinearticles.com.

Heck, i don't even like honey mustard anywhere else. so sit back and entertain the biggest thing that peter christian's has going for it is the atmosphere.

Here is the mustard recipe. if you make it, let me know if you like it. it is based on the mustard they served at peter christian's restaurant in hanover, nh.

Note: adapted from peter christian's recipes, shirley edes and julia philipson, and better homes and gardens new cookbook. lasagna recipe. better homes and gardens new cook book 1989.

The new owners also acquired the recipe for the mustard and plan to continue the tavern as peter christian's!

I recently dined at peter christian's. upon entrance, there was no hostess present and no i still speak of your honey mustard. everytime i come home it is the first and the

Peter christian's tavern suddenly closed its doors last week soup, meat and cheese board, and famous honey mustard there was even once a cookbook of the tavern's recipes

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| Peter Christians Mustard Recipe | | Tender Quick Meat Cure Recipes |

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