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These recipes to serve 100 people and more, are a collection of recipes from many sources. * recipes for 50 * amounts to serve 100 * tips for feeding a crowd *; *food service recipes; menu for a cold buffet for 100*; *dayle's recipe exchange and party help board *; * growlies for groups main index.

Buffet food amounts . for 20 - 50 people: or(100-150 people) [ buffet amounts for 100 - 150 ] [growlies main index ] [ food quantities for 100] [feeding a crowd tips ]; [recipes for 50 ] [recipes for 100 ] [ salad recipes] [buffet table decorating tips ];

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Allow 15 lbs. of potato salad for every 50 people.; homemade is best but be sure that when you are assembling the salad everything is already cold, for health and food safety reasons. potato salad is always a good buffet staple. frank's recipes; free recipes archive

Recipes to feed 50 people (give or take a few!) buffet food amounts . for 20 - 50 people: or(100-150 people) double the amounts on the left. allow 15 lb. potato salad for 50 people; salad or even dessert are best suited to a buffet, use tongs to serve a tossed salad, not two spoons, people will be unable to

Wedding buffet ideas there are so many good looking recipes on here! i am looking for advice on narrowing down some ideas for a wedding reception dinner for 40-50 people. it

I've been asked to prepare a buffet for 50 people with main dish of beef bourguinon. does anyone have a recipe adapted to this quantitiy? also, would it be possible to do chicken marsala a day ahead and reheat using white breast meat only? what are some easy dinner recipes for two people?

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| Buffet Recipes For 50 People | | Betty Crocker Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas |

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