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Failure to comply will result in the stopping of the entitlement until

Stopping new gi bill deductions • 30–2, page 23. refunds • 30–3, page 23

C. all payments due the soldier or deductions due the u.s. for example, dd form 214, early promotions with waivers require the bn s1 to generate a da form 4187, personnel action, as the source document for such advancements. enlisted soldiers automatically will be advanced by the emf from pay grade e1 to pay grade e2

C. all arng m-day soldiers will have payments and deductions via the reserve component pay system (djms-rc). d. an example is a promotion order. these documents include agr rosters, sidpers rosters, da forms 4187, awol files, and article 15 files. (2) verify that all assigned agr soldiers are included on the ucfr. (a) if a

Unit will provide a copy of the order/personnel action (da form 4187) for input. if the soldier is transferring within the battalion (from hhc to d company, for example), complete the attachment and return with the ucfr. soldiers in receipt of a meal card have a monthly bas deduction on their les'. this deduction offsets

Ing expenses for tax deductions. •decision tools based on data from military

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