Laura’s work as an instructor is an outgrowth of her training: “My horses have taught
me a great deal over the years, and I’ve had the opportunity to study with a number of exceptional teachers. I enjoy sharing my skills and insight with serious,
committed students at all levels.”

Laura’s students go on to success in their own competitive careers, consistently
placing in top competitions and ranking in year-end leaderboards.

  • Introduction to and progression through classical equitation, dressage training, and jumping.
  • Positive instruction creating awareness of how your horse thinks and responds to you.
  • Assistance in competition planning and follow-through coaching available at the competitions.
Laura is currently accepting students from novice through advanced, and you can study with her on an individual or full-time training basis. She is also available for group lessons and clinics. For scheduling, please contact Laura.

Teaching and Coaching Rates

  • Lessons $75
  • Coaching at events $75/day
  • Free course walks at competitions


Coaching at Events

Just as Laura’s horses learn from competition,
so do her students. Laura attends major
competitions throughout the East and South
East, as well as many local unrecognized and
starter competitions.

To arrange for Laura to help you at an
event, please contact her well
in advance.

717.682.8042 | ljvv2000@yahoo.com