A Special Thanks

As Laura often points out, the sport of eventing, and the lifestyle it brings, is something that
requires far more than individual effort. “It takes help from many people,” she says, “and the
never-ending support from staff, family and friends, and fellow competitors.
This is something I never take for granted.”

Family and Friends

For their constant support and never-ending faith in my aspirations. Jean and Roger VanderVliet, Kathy VanderVliet, Kevin Mehallow (for technical assistance),
and Steve Gale (for his constant support).

Clients and Supporters

For always finding, buying or sending another horse to train and the encouragement and
belief in my training programs. Kathleen Overbaugh, Douglas Land, Don and Nina White,
Brenda Smith, Patti Schlough, Whit Hairston, Melissa Stubenberg, Tina Henry, Holly Bailey,
Becky Horn!

Veterinarians and Farriers

Dave Kumpf
Matt Cogen-Farrier
Dr. Mark Donaldson
Southern Equine Services
Unionville Equine


For capturing amazing moments.
Shannon Brinkman Photography
GRC Photography
Brant Gamma Photography

Web Development

Holly Bailey (writer)
Carol Hill (web design and programming)
Margaret Rizzo (PR)