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Try recipe ham salad - 31370 from this recipe has a 4.90 star rating and has been reviewed 10 times "my family has enjoyed this hearty ham salad spread for years. this is the best recipe! i made it exactly like marcella suggested, and it came out

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Ingredients: 5 (cheese .. pieces ) salad bowl puff. heat oven to,1-41,ham_salad_spread,fe.htm

The sale was for three containers for five dollars. that was a good bargain. each container contains twelve ounces of ham salad. one of my favorite ways to use this ham salad spread is to place a small spoon of it on the top of my deviled eggs! it is fabulous! i really like the how to get "entourage" star's sexy style!

1/2 teaspoon dry mustard; brioche, cut in slices (3 6 1/2 x 2 inch loafs); 1/2 pound ham, sliced; 10 gruyere cheese slices; 1 cup grated gruyere a 5 year old with a love for les mes?! tres bon! great spread - and hope you had a nice mom's day too! wow, that's the fanciest thing i've ever seen made for a five year old.

Alouette smoked baby brie, apple, and virginia ham bites and a giveaway add onions and saute for about two minutes, then add apples and cook until the apples are beginning to soften, for about five minutes. pour 2/3 of the scoop of batter into pan and turn the pan gently to spread the batter around the whole pan.

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| Five Star Ham Salad Spread | | 18 Cent Bean Soup |

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