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as i'm a newbie here, but i posted a couple of recipes, so now i get to make a request that's very dear to my heart. i've got a couple you may want to try: macayo's mexican kitchen: baja sauce; 2 pounds cream cheese; 8 ounces half-and-half; 2 ouncees canned jalapenos, sliced; dash of salt; place all ingredients in

Just like they serve at the restaurant! great over chimichangas! i usually cut it in half or even 1/4. you are in: home / recipes / macayo's baja sauce how to jar, pickle & can

My wife loves it and with that, i'm bound to make an appearance once a week. my two items that i rotate  ask them for recommendations, they know what's good and what's to be avoided.  avoid the back patio in the summer. it's just too damn hot even with the misters. whatever you order, be sure to get the baja sauce.

Plus the margaritas are to die for! a bit pricey, yes, but they make you feel magical. (always get a side of the delicious baja sauce mmm. clogged arteries.); their portions are gigantic, but it seems like they're working on that and may have improved. i do love you macayos.  you're easy, consistent, cheap,

You'd have to admit, zaphod is one cool cat for having two heads. he could make us one hell of a pan galactic gargle blaster. i'm not and i'm topping the day off with dinner at macayos!!! mmm baja sauce. mel really got me addicted to it. i had forgotten the randomness of 13 year old thinking. they do the oddest things.

Mexican food data how to make mexican food baja fresh mexican food

Chicken fried my grandma used to make me. (tried) how to cook fresh garbanzo beans (microwave)

The food was wonderful. the baja sauce is a signature sauce and one you will not forget. we tried the spinach con queso and the green corn tamale bites and both were awesome. highly recommend them! people who like this restaurant, and how many others they like.

Anyway, when i came to macayos a few months earlier, i did enjoy their shredded beef tacos.  my friend very if you ask someone if they like chipotle, they will either tell you they love it and eat it a few times a month, or dislike it completely.  in comparison with other “fresh-mex” chains like baja fresh,

It was quite nice, the flour tortilla wrapper lightly crisped, the beef as tender as shredding would imply, and in a tomato-y sauce. i have been going to macayo (vegas) since i was a teen and i am now a senior citizen. everything stated in your review is true, but you didn't mention how reasonable their pricing is.

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| How To Make Macayos Baja Sauce | | Crock Pot Candied Yams |